Nordic Business Group was founded in December 2008 by Hans-Peter Siefen and Jyri Lindén. The company operated until November 2011 under the name Finnish Community of Entrepreneurship.

Since 2012, Nordic Business Forum Oy has been a subsidiary company of Nordic Business Group. The other subsidiary of Nordic Business Group is Nordic Business Investments Oy, which concentrates on real estate development.

Nordic Business Forum Oy’s revenue in 2015 reached 4.8 M€ while the revenue of the whole group was 11.1 M€. In January 2013, a professional board of directors was organized to support the implementation of the company’s ambitious growth and internationalization strategy.

Nordic Business Forum’s first event was organized in 2010 and over the years the annual main event has grown to be one of the most significant business seminars in Europe. Our team includes 19 full-time employees. We have offices in Jyväskylä and Helsinki in Finland, in Tallinn, Estonia, and Stockholm, Sweden. In addition, we have one full-time representative in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Company goal

Back in 2011, Nordic Business Forum Oy set a 10-year goal of developing the annual main event into one of the most noteworthy business seminars in the world. Step by step we are pursuing to reach that goal by 2021.


DEC 2008

Nordic Business Group is founded in December 2008 by Hans-Peter Siefen and Jyri Lindén. The company operated until November 2011 under the name Finnish Community of Entrepreneurship.

NOV 2009

First evening seminar is organized. In the beginning, the company organizes small evening seminars with local speakers and less than 100 attendees.

AUG 2010

The team starts growing and the first team members are welcomed to the team!

OCT 2010

Our first ever annual Nordic Business Forum is organized. The name of the event is Weekend Seminar.

MAY 2011

The first Business Summit is held in Jyväskylä.

SEPT - OCT 2011

Nordic Business Forum 2011 – Strength from Responsible Choices. The first international speakers Al Gore and Les Brown also onboard.

SEPT 2012

Nordic Business Forum 2012 – GROWTH. Speakers include Brian Tracy, Daniel Pink, and Sir Richard Branson.

NOV 2012

Priit Liiv, the first international full-time employee joins the team. New office in Tallinn, Estonia is opened.

JAN 2013

A professional board of directors is organized to support the implementation of the company’s ambitious growth and internationalization strategy.

SEPT 2013

Nordic Business Forum 2013 – LEADERSHIP. The scope of international speakers grows. Malcolm Gladwell, Vijay Govindarajan, Lynda Gratton, Jimmy Wales, Tom Peters, and Jack Welch among the speakers.

OCT 2013

The first event is organized outside Finland: Sales Mastery Day with Brian Tracy, +630 participants in Tallinn, Estonia.

OCT 2014

Nordic Business Forum 2014 – FORWARD. Live stream of the event is available for the first time. Speakers include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Collins, and Sir Alex Ferguson.

OCT 2015

Nordic Business Forum 2015 – IMPACT. Live stream doubles the audience of Nordic Business Forum. Speakers include Ben Bernanke, John C. Maxwell, Arianna Huffington, Garry Kasparov, and Simon Sinek.

FEB 2016

The first intensive training program Bootcamp for Business Growth begins.

APR 2016

The first Nordic Business Forum SWEDEN is launched.

Our values

Delivering value

It is very important to us to keep in mind why we do what we do every day. That is why we pursue to deliver value in everything we do. With every blog post or email we write, or an event or a meeting we hold, we aspire to identify what is the value we’re giving to our clients and other stakeholders.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Our mission is to encourage entrepreneurial mindset among organizations and people. We believe that entrepreneurship keeps the societies going and entrepreneurial mindset keeps the companies going. People with the entrepreneurial mindset are life-long learners who strive for personal development.

Fair deals

Our goal is to offer unique training experiences at reasonable prices.

Creating enriching interaction

We support open collaboration and positive relationships and pursue to create a healthy and enriching environment for networking in our events.

Cross-generational thinking

According to cross-generational thinking, we didn’t inherit this world from our parents, we merely lease it from our children. This also applies to our way of doing responsible business.

Inspiration for Two

In 2011 Nordic Business Forum Oy made a commitment to voluntary service in entrepreneurship education called Inspiration for Two. According to this commitment the company promises to give a day of entrepreneurship education to a student for every ticket sold.

Nordic Business Forum also donates tree plants in order to compensate the computational carbon footprint of the main event.

Nordic Business Forum Oy has been recognized with the following awards:

  • Business Event of the Year 2015
  • ICT Product of the Year 2014
  • An Honorary Award for the Most Satisfied Customers 2014
  • Alvari Award 2012
  • Central Finland Marketing Deed Award 2011


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