Designer & Developer Wanted!

We are looking for a person who is talented both as a front-end developer and as a graphical designer for our head office in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Your job on the designing part would consist of designing graphics for both print and digital material for an emerging Nordic business brand, the Nordic Business Forum.

Your job as a developer would consist of improving our interfaces on the platforms, which we use, e.g. WordPress, Salesforce, and WooCommerce.

We are building the world’s most significant business conference and we know we can only accomplish our ambitious goal if we have the right people in our team. And how do we recognize who are the right people? On top of the right skills the right people for are enthusiastic about business conferences. We believe that one can only fully enjoy one’s work if one fully believes in the end product which we are producing as a team.


  • Design skills: Photoshop or similar. We expect you to be very skilled as a designer. Skilled enough to improve the visual look of our material.
  • Developer skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (mostly jQuery), git, PHP, MySQL etc. (feel free to apply even if you are not skilled in all of these)
  • Understanding of UX
  • Work samples are needed for the application. These are asked for on the application form.
  • Location for work: Nordic Business Forum HQ in Jyväskylä, Finland

This is a full-time and a permanent job. We wish you to join us for the long term. In case you have any questions, just email or call our COO Maria Krajewska-Olkkonen at +358 400 908 838 /

Please apply by November 30th here »


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